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Importers of Agricultural Produce for Israel


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Who We Are

Importers of agricultural produce for Israel is a none profit registered association that represents a major section of the independent, fresh produce importers sector in Israel.
The association prompts the interest of the general public in regard to the importation of fresh produce into Israel.
IL Registered Foundation 580392124


Our Goals

Interaction with international foreign bodies and associations.
Costumer culture promotion of fresh imported produce.
Business development and PRA (product research assessment) for new products.
Local representation and management with bureaucracy and regulation.


Main activities

Azrieli Towers

Bureaucracy and Regulation

Management and integration with local government offices and business regarding logistics and regulation.


New products

Research and development for the approval of new fruits and vegetables into Israel (PRA)

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Business relations

Collaboration with international government bodies, businesses and official associations.

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